Animal Physiology Second Edition


Sinauer Associates, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-87893-317-4


Animal Physiology presents all the branches of modern animal physiology with a strong emphasis on integration of physiological knowledge, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Integration extends from molecules to organ systems and from one physiological discipline to another. The book takes an entirely fresh approach to each topic. Its full-color illustrations include many novel, visually effective features to help students learn. Each of the 24 main chapters starts with a brief animal example to engage student interest and demonstrate the value of the material that will be learned. The book includes five additional, briefer At Work chapters that apply students newfound physiological knowledge to curiosity-provoking and important topics, including diving by marine mammals, the mechanisms of navigation, and muscle plasticity in use and disuse. The book is committed to a comparative approach throughout. Whereas mammalian physiology is consistently treated in depth, emphasis is also given to the other vertebrate groups, arthropods, molluscs, and as appropriate additional invertebrates. Concepts and integrative themes are emphasized while giving students the specifics they need.

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