Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Scott A. Huettel, Allen W. Song, and Gregory McCarthy
Sinauer Associates, Inc.
2004 – 512 pages – 294 illustrations – casebound

This textbook provides a true introduction to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), which has become the dominant research technique in cognitive neuroscience. Although there is extraordinary interest in fMRI among researchers, instructors, and students alike, its instruction has faced a set of challenges. Existing texts are targeted toward practicing scientists in the field, and assume a level of expertise not possessed by most students. Furthermore, most students do not have access to fMRI equipment and data, so they have no opportunity to gain hands-on experience. This textbook overcomes these limitations by presenting a comprehensive overview of all aspects of fMRI, designed with undergraduate students, graduate students, and beginning researchers in mind.

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